Transportation Services, Melissa Prater, Mobility Manager

Hardin County Council on Aging,Inc. provides much needed transportation to the seniors of Hardin County. We are grantees and lead agency for the Hardin County Coordination Project. We provide transportation to the Hardin County elderly, disabled, minority, and handicapped persons by means of the Local Levy ,ODOT grants, United Way grants, Community Foundation grants, WalMart grants, other grants, memorials, and donations. Those persons under 60 are transported through contracts implemented with county entities or by self-pay.Please contact us for more details concerning the transportation services available.Due to a federal government mandate the county is required to have a Locally Developed Public Transit/Human Services transportation plan in place. We, as the lead agency, have, along with other county entities, helped to develop this plan. A transportation committee was formed and now meets each quarter to continually assess and strive to improve transportation in Hardin County. Hardin Memorial Hospital Social Worker, Mark Rossman, is the chair and HCCoA Director, Bette A. Bibler, is the co-chair for the plan. Mobility Manager, Melissa Prater, is serving as Secretary.  Please take time to be a part of this important county-wide transportation project by attending the quarterly transportation meetings and assist us in our efforts to serve all of Hardin County. Our goal for this quarter is to revise surveys and outcomes procedures in an effort to determine gaps in transportation. By clicking on the link below and completing the transportation survey you will play a part in helping to improve transportation for Hardin County. Please help us by taking the Transportation Survey!  Your opinion is important to us!

Thank You!

Bette A. Bibler,

Director  HARDIN COUNTY COUNCIL ON AGING  Transportation Project

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